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Google maps and listings.

A virtual tour is an effective way to draw clicks to your listing and ultimately this is what drives your webpage(s) performance.

Refreshing your imagery occasionally, will positively affect how Google rates your webpage and will have a favourable effect on your listings, as Google likes content this is kept up to date.

The virtual tour has been created as an interactive and engaging experience.  The virtual tour has opened a window to visitors to review, confirm their initial hope and thoughts about a hotel, a business, or an activity from all over the world. All from the comfort of their home. And this exciting and engaging medium has the potential to entice and draw visitors in a way that flat normal photography simply cannot compete with.

360 photography, video and the virtual reality (‘VR’) experiences they create, have exploded in recent months and years as the new way to consume media. News Organisations, Sports Media, Creatives Industries, National Brands and internet users have welcomed this opportunity to make the internet more than an electronic version of the printed page. It is now an electronic version of reality itself.

Hospitality and Hotels

The world of glossy airbrushed photos of idealised hotel rooms in colour printed brooches has disappeared. Today’s savvy travellers expect more. They want to know exactly what to expect when they arrive and check-in. They read reviews and comments on the internet. They browse user-generated photos and Google Images. Increasingly they are expecting a virtual tour and – when hotels with this option generate 48% more bookings than those without – it pays to have 360-degree photos and virtual tours.

Google now reflects the desire for customers to view and sense how premises look and feel prior to booking. Google has recently changed the way virtual tours work for hotels and restaurants. Each area in the property is treated as a separate area with its own standalone tour. Entrance hallways, reception areas, restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, bedrooms, suites and outdoor areas such as gardens, patios and swimming pools can all be accessed and explored separately via a row of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

This virtual reality enables users to view and browse more easily between different parts of the hotel. 360 Images and virtual tours have become a major part of a hotel’s profile on Google Hotel Finder. This disruptive booking platform has put virtual tours at the forefront. Hotels with a tour are flagged immediately in search results, and the tour itself gets prominent position on the hotel’s profile summary, where the 360 imagery of bedrooms, bars, restaurants and facilities all appear ahead of traditional still photographs.

The reason for the Google changes are 92% of internet users indicated that the ability to see a spherical panorama or a 360-degree photo of a viewed product is one of the most essential features when they are browsing online.

A hotel is not a single just a building. It’s not just about the room(s) – it’s about the customer experience and facilities, the service and the style which positively enhance the customers encounters with the hotel.  Businesses with the confidence to open their doors to savvy explorers are the ones who will earn the trust of the internet- traveller.

Virtual tours for pubs

Transport your premises online and allow customers to discover and visit 24/7. The interactivity will keep them engaged and encourage them to visit in real-life. Virtual tours doe’s suit many business types: From the obvious hotels and restaurants, to shops and   dental practices, to government departments. So why not pubs. Static two-dimensional photography is no longer enough to capture a space or engage potential customers. Everything is going 360 and interactive.

Sets your pub apart from the competition with 360 imagery and a virtual tour.  Appeal to new customers who are visiting the area on holiday or on business or give a group booking a look and feel for the character and feel of the local

You have decorated the pub in a certain style. Spent a fair bit of money and it’s a good idea to showcase the pub, it’s features, character and general ambience.

Google has research that indicated a virtual tour increases booking by almost 50%.

In all cases, with virtual tours on Google Maps allowing anyone anywhere in the world to visit anytime, ‘the local’ has got a lot less local. world to visit anytime, ‘the local’ has got a lot less local.

If you have a virtual tour remember to ask us about the Facebook package. It comes as standard with any 360 imagery or virtual tour we provide. Make sure you also embed your virtual tour on your Facebook page.

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